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Life Stories: Curriculum for Teaching Groups


Creating an autobiography helps older adults write about their lives in a way that can enhance social and family networks and improve their self-esteem, important factors in maintaining physical and mental well-being.  Wtih that in mind, Dr. Claudia Collins, associate professor and aging specialist at The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, developed a curriculum to teach life story writing in assisted living facilities.  This curriculum is free to use.  We just ask that you give proper credit.


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Fact Sheets in PDF
for printing in booklet form, 11x17

Fact Sheets in PDF
for printing,
letter size

Link to curriculum

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Link to Fact Sheet: Starting the Process       Link to Fact Sheet: Creating a Family Keepsake


Starting the Process    A Family Keepsake

             Click here for booklet form


Creating an Autobiography-Starting the Process, letter size           Creating an Autobiography: A Family Keepsake, letter size


Starting the Process    A Family Keepsake

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