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  1. Summers at the Mendocino Valley family ranch


    "At that time, hardly anyone lived in this beautiful Northern California area known as Mendocino County (locals called it Anderson Valley). ... The valley and its fashionable bed and breakfasts and wine tours would surely shock great-grandfather. When he purchased this 1,900 acres, he visualized balanced farmlands with sprawling acres of crops, orchards and redwood trees—these not to be cut by human hands."  Read more.

  2. Blessed be the family ties


    "Summer trips to Vancouver, where Dad's family lived, were frequent and evoke special memories. En route to Vancouver during one trip, we stopped to visit in Seattle with Mom's sister and family. All went well until my cousin blurted out to my Mom that I'd said 'Damn,' which was followed up by an Ivory soap mouthwash and a terminated friendship!"  Read more.

  3.  My Mama can walk on water


    "It was a great camp beside a wide but shallow stream that ran into the river. The camp was on one side with big trees and not much brush. The other side was more big trees and bushes and a blackberry thicket. Us kids explored the creek and Mama and Aunt Polly went across a fallen log to check out the blackberry patch. Daddy and Uncle Sambone set up things to clean and fry the fish they had caught."  Read more.

  4. A single mom braves Yellowstone


    "Becky and I slept in the car, as the back seat went down and we could put our feet into the trunk. David and Rick would sleep out on the grass somewhere in a small tent. Sometimes we slept in sleeping bags and we all had our own pillow just in the open at a camping site. When we needed to bathe, there was always a shower in the campsites. Sometimes we would stay there for the day and hike or just rest (I did the resting). I would sit in a chair and knit or read."  Read more.

  5. Vacation without children


    "We were standing in front of the largest sequoia redwood in the world called the Grizzly Giant. It was impressive but boring. At first it confused me as to my feeling but very slowly I realized, it was the children. They were missing. There was no one to explain the significance of what I was seeing."  Read more.

  6. Jeanette and Conni's great train ride


    "The train seems to ride in a smooth, straight line, but when you are on the train, you are bouncing from side to side. The upper berths have wide netting that hooks to the ceiling to make sure the passenger doesn’t fall out! Walking through the cars is also an experience. If someone has the door to their roomette open, you can bounce right in—uninvited!"  Read more.