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Life Stories by theme: Technology

































  1. Ice boxes, ice houses and staying cool


    "Every section got a car of ice every year, about March. And they used it in ice boxes and in drinking water for the section men. When you needed some, you went to the ice house and cut a 25-pound block and took it home to put it in your ice box or water. Well, we kids were not supposed to play in the ice house, but like I said, this was a cool place."  Read more.

  2. Watching stars and space capsules


    "Apollo 19, the last Apollo launch, was Dec. 7, 1972, and that was significant, because that ended Don’s part of the program. We went up that night and laid on a blanket. It was a nighttime launch. We set it off in glory.  A couple of years later, they offered transfers, and we went to California to see if we would take a transfer instead of a layoff. After seeing the housing prices and the traffic, it just didn’t seem like home to us."  Read more.

  3. First TV in the neighborhood


    "As soon as school was out, we'd all head to the Maestases', who lived about eight houses down from our house. My parents told us we’d have to head for home when Mr. Maestas got home from work. It was so hard to pull ourselves away, but we managed. About six months later, my parents got our own TV, so we didn’t have to go to the neighbors any longer."  Read more.

  4. Wash day


    "A long time ago when washing machines were unknown and women had to scrub clothes on a scrub board, I remember very clearly that Monday was wash day. It was an all-day occurrence. Tuesday was ironing day and an iron was two heavy irons that were placed on the flame of the stove to be heated enough for ironing. In order not to burn up the clothes, there was a pad you rubbed the iron on to get any soot or soil off the iron plate."  Read more.

  5. Our first car


    "The car had three pedals on the floor—a clutch, a reverse and a brake. On the steering column were the spark and gas levers. To start the motor, we had to use a crank at the front of the car. Starting the car was tricky, because of getting the gas and spark adjusted just right and the crank turned hard. Sometimes it would backfire and would give a real jolt to the arm and the shoulder of the person turning the crank."  Read more.