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Life Stories by theme: Love



































  1. A big family wedding


    "Both of us spent most Sundays with my family—dinner, watching sports, tennis, golf—or Al’s family, visiting one or more with my mother- or father-in-law. Then in the winter of 1946, we decided to get married. We had many family meetings to discuss wedding plans. My father wanted his aunts, uncles—Nana was one of nine—to be there and my mother was one of four, plus husbands and wives, and two grandparents, cousins and their friends. Then our friends, some of their friends." Read more.

  2. Our first home in Navy housing


    "We opened the door to the two-bedroom, one bath and had our first look at our new abode. The middle unit of a five-plex that we later learned had been condemned right after World War II, or so I was told. Butch didn’t carry me across the threshold since we had two sailors with furniture in their arms pushing their way in. The chief had the truck empty and on its way in 10 minutes."  Read more.

  3. My first, and almost last, date


    "He took a picture and the film fell out of the camera. Bad start. Then he also called me Mona instead of Nora. Point two. We went to see a “007” movie, and as he was driving there, he hit a large yellow raccoon—not good."  Read more.

  4. Expressions of love


    "Paul accompanied me to the hospital and I was given a battery of tests, one more painful than the next. ... I squeezed my eyes shut from the pain, and as she kneaded me like a lump of dough, she explained the procedure. When I opened my eyes, my husband was standing over me, a worried expression on his handsome face. I felt a slight pressure on my toes; Paul was massaging my feet. When I realized he was trying to divert my attention elsewhere so I wouldn’t concentrate on the pain, I began to relax.  Paul was right, the tumor was benign and suddenly I knew how I would answer the question in the magazine. Maybe I didn’t receive diamonds or cars, but I did get LOVE."  Read more.

  5. A second time for love


    Marian had just lost her husband and was suffering a great deal. While visiting her sister Winifred in Florida, she gained employment in Gattles (retail store). She was going through a depression and working helped. ... Her new activity was the Fred Astaire dance studio. She learned a great deal, enjoyed the parties, made many new friends, and met her second husband Forest. They dated a year and were married in a Presbyterian church.  Read more.