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Life Stories by theme: Holidays





























  1. Thanksgiving and the turkey leg


    "I said, 'Uncle Art, can I have one of the legs?' My mom said, 'No, Roy, you can’t eat all that.' Uncle Art winked at me and then said, 'This is my house. If Roy wants the leg, he can have the leg. Oh, but Roy, if you don’t eat it all, you can finish it at the next meal. OK?' I said, 'Yes. And thank you, Uncle Art.' Oh, we had a good Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey, candied yams, mashed potatoes, green beans from Uncle Art’s garden and peas too from there, salad and Jellos, pies and cakes. Yeah, all this and I probably took the skin off my leg and about five bites of it."  Read more.

  2. Holidays in the hospital


    "Thanksgiving Day arrived, at last, and I was looking forward to a juicy turkey dinner with dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, just as promised on the hospital menu.  My sister, who was in graduate school in Claremont, California, decided to drive to the hospital to see me. I really was so thrilled she was coming to visit.  I told my sister the food was good at the hospital and that I could order a tray for her so we could eat together and chat.  'Yuck,' she said. 'I don’t want any hospital food.' Nothing I said changed her mind, and she convinced me to refuse my tray so I could eat the turkey dinner from a diner in Westwood."  Read more.

  3. Two Christmas memories: England, and the monkey bridge


    "It was the first Christmas we were together after my spending a year in Thailand without the family.  We were in Ipswich, England, living in temporary quarters at the Burstall Hotel. We bought a small tree and since none of our household goods had arrived from the States, we had to make our own decorations. ... When it was all done, the children were very proud of their handiwork and so were Joy and I. For the first time I felt like I was finally home and we were a family once again."  Read more.

  4. The Fourth of July in St. Louis


    "Uncle Al sold fireworks in his store every year, and he really went overboard. He bought everything and lots of it, so that whatever was not sold in the store—and Uncle Al saw to it that that was a lot—always ended up at our house. Every 4th of July, Mom would bake a zillion pies and cakes and make a meal, and all of our relatives and friends converged on our front yard for a picnic."  Read more.