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Life Stories by theme: Brushes with Fame

















  1. Days in November


    "Before I could blink, the crowd surged and pushed me nearly into an open convertible. A hand reached out to steady me. I grabbed it and looked up … at a most astonishingly serene human presence with laughing eyes, not a hair out of place, tanned, dressed to the nines … in November, in Chicago, in the sleet and blustery wind. ... Two weeks later … JFK began to shed his light on all of us."  Read more

  2. Selling stamps to movie stars


    "(Barbara Stanwyck) was my favorite. She was not a stamp collector. She bought them for one of her nieces. I sold Barbara a stamp of the Princess of Monaco, who was a famous actress before she married the prince. ... Whenever she visited J.W. Robinson, she would always say Hello to me, whether or not she purchased any stamps."  Read more

  3. Listening to the radio with Bob Eubanks


    "My first boyfriend was Bob Eubanks. As years went on, we all know that Bob Eubanks became the emcee for 'The Newlywed Game' on TV. But we knew nothing about TV at that time. We did know about it, but we just didn’t have anything. We’d lay down on the floor in front of the radio and watch it and listen to 'Fibber McGee and Molly,' 'Inner Sanctum' and the squeaking door.  All the things that you would think would be on TV were right there on radio."  Read more.