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  1. My journey to my savior


    "I thought of my friend Marcia. Marcia and I had met at work at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. She was so nice. She would visit with me and tell me about Jesus. I would listen and thought to myself how nice she was. I never really took anything she said to heart. She would pin beautiful pictures at my workspace with pretty sayings under them. I never knew they were Scriptures from the Bible."  Read more.

  2. Where do I start?


    "I was estranged from my brother Dan and sister Marge for at least 25 years. God put us back together. That and the son I adopted are the best things in my life and reason to live."  Read more

  3. God watches over children


    "The Lord watched over us, as not one of us nor the cousins and nieces and nephews that played with us and walked the joists fell and broke a bone.  We couldn't afford to.  The nearest doctor was 40 miles away.  When we cut our hand or stumped our toes, got snake bitten or bee stung or burned, we just soaked them in coal oil and put collard leaves on it or maybe Sloans linament."  Read more