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Life Stories by theme: Childhood

















  1. Marbles, rubber bands and other important stuff


    "There was Chase. You had two players and one would run by shooting his marble out and the other would try to hit the first player’s marble. If you hit the other player’s marble, you got to keep it. Then there was Pot. You would put 5 marbles each in a circle that you made in the sand. And one player would shoot from the outside of the circle to try to hit one of the marbles in the circle." Read more.

  2. Freedom in the great out of doors


    "Grosse Ile was a great place to raise children. On many days I would explore the woods which joined our property, swimming in the creek and pond. The pond was in the woods about a quarter mile from the house. On many a summer day the bunch of us could be found running thru the woods dropping our clothing, (all of them), along the path and diving in as soon as we arrived at the pond." Read more.

  3. Roller skates and the key to fun


    "Roller skates usually lasted 3 or 4 years, but when the skates finally played their last hockey game and one of them became unusable, we took the remaining skate and made a skate scooter. A skate scooter consisted of a 2-by-4 with half of the remaining skate nailed to each end."  Read more.