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20th Anniversary Yearbook


  • What project(s) are your currently involved with? What types of things do you do? Why did you choose this project? Why do you keep going back? What makes this project special?

    EVERYONE should be able to contribute to this Life Story since we’re all working on projects! Don’t be shy…share an experience, situation, remembrance. Help create our history.

    TAKE A PHOTO next time you meet. Email to Ann so we can document ALL our projects.

    To see photos of some current projects, click here.

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Master Gardener Projects

Master Gardeners tending to seedlings for propagationAfter extensive training, Master Gardeners volunteer a minimum of 50 hours per year on approved projects.  The projects are designed to involve teaching as well as getting our hands dirty.  They have ranged from answering questions  from the community about gardening on the Help Line to installing and caring for a demonstration garden in Henderson or the demonstration orchard on the northwest side of Las Vegas.  Shown above are volunteers tending to seedlings as part of the Master Gardeners' propagation project.

The following links provide information about some of those project and memories from our Master Gardeners.

Are you a Master Gardener with memories of any of these projects or photos to share?  E-mail Ann Edmunds or call her at 702-257-5587.

Flowers for Seniors

Master Gardener Orchard

Doolittle Community Garden

Clark County Fair

The UNLV Project

Acacia Park and Acacia Clippers

Help Desk