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20th Anniversary Yearbook


  • What project(s) are your currently involved with? What types of things do you do? Why did you choose this project? Why do you keep going back? What makes this project special?

    EVERYONE should be able to contribute to this Life Story since we’re all working on projects! Don’t be shy…share an experience, situation, remembrance. Help create our history.

    TAKE A PHOTO next time you meet. Email to Ann so we can document ALL our projects.

    To see photos of some current projects, click here.

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Memorable Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners celebrating 1000 people trainedOne of the keys to the success of the Master Gardener program is the connection our volunteers make with other volunteers and with the instructors who share their knowledge to help them grow as horticulturalists.

We have trained more than 1,000 Master Gardeners in the program's 20 years, and we currently have 303 active volunteers.  Above is a photo of Master Gardeners celebrating the the 1,000th graduate in 2010.  Despite the large numbers, the Master Gardener program feels like a small community.  Our people nurture friendships among those they train with and those they volunteer with.  They build relationships with Cooperative Extension staff and other instructors who are so passionate about teaching the Southern Nevada community the best ways to produce a variety of plant life in this desert environment.  A common love of growing things pulls us together.


Below are links of our volunteers' memories of instructors, staff and others important to the Master Gardener program.  If you are a Master Gardener and want to add your memories, e-mail Ann Edmunds or call her at 702-257-5587.



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