University of Nevada, Reno


Your Life Story: A Treasure for Generations


UrsulaGrowing up in Nazi GermanyWhat is a treasure?  Maybe it's something rare, something special we want to hold onto forever! Antique jewelry, a handmade quilt. It could be a paragraph or even a sentence that your parent or grandparents wrote about their lives.  Life Stories Nevada is about creating such a treasure now and for future generations.


Life Stories Nevada offers small windows into the personal history of the writers, their family and national history as they lived it. They have agreed to share their memoirs through this website. Identifying information has been omitted, but all of their stories are true and are celebrations of many lives.


You can read stories or create your own.  Life Stories Nevada offers instruction on how to write your own autobiography as well as links to sites where you can find research demonstrating the benefits of such reminiscence.  We encourage families to use this information as inspiration to create their own legacy. We also hope students, teachers and the wider community will find these stories a valuable resource for a personal look at our history.

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