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  • What project(s) are your currently involved with? What types of things do you do? Why did you choose this project? Why do you keep going back? What makes this project special?

    EVERYONE should be able to contribute to this Life Story since we’re all working on projects! Don’t be shy…share an experience, situation, remembrance. Help create our history.

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Master Gardener Help Desk

Our call for stories from Master Gardeners brought back memories of the many community projects our volunteers have worked on.  Here are comments about some of them.

Mary R.


Master Gardeners work the Help Desk

When we first graduated, we all were required to volunteer time to answer phone questions. Until then Aggie Roberts answered all the calls, unless Linn Mills was available. Much later Aggie confessed to me that she was very concerned that we would give out erroneous information, but she certainly hid it well (Tactfulness was one of her many strong points!) We used to lament that, in spite of all the things we had learned in classes, people always seemed to ask questions that had not been covered.

One day, I took a call and the lady wanted to know if cockroaches shed their skin. I had learned early on that the best way to give a correct answer was to ask LOTS of questions first. So, I began quizzing her and in the process learned that her cats found these "things" on the carpet and were playing with them. After more questioning and not wanting to give a wrong answer I asked her if it was possible to bring them into the office. She agreed, and in a little while she appeared. Here is a picture of the "things" her cats were playing with.

Cicada skins?The "things" were the little plastic pieces that sometimes fall off the plastic grocery bags. If they are tan in color, as these were, they look something like a shedded cicada skin until you feel them.

When we tried, as tactfully as possible, to tell her what they were she was very embarrassed and said, "Please don't tell the newspapers."

Al Valdez, super volunteer   Master Gardener answering a thorny question.  Working the Help Desk.  The Help Desk.

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