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Flowers for Seniors

Our call for stories from Master Gardeners brought back memories of the many community projects our volunteers have worked on.  Here are comments about some of them, with links back to the question that inspired the comments.

Mary R.

The Flowers for Seniors project brings happiness to senior citizens.Soon after we "graduated" we were taken on a tour of the horticulture facility at the Mirage. We were amazed at the volume of plants and flowers they used.  I can still see visions of Master Gardeners crawling in and out of the huge dumpsters rescuing orchid plants that had been discarded. Once the plant stopped blooming it was discarded and replaced with a blooming plant. They had to have enough flowers on hand for any situation that might come up, which meant that when their weekly shipment arrived, there were still flowers sitting there--a few days old--that did not meet their strict criteria for freshness and were discarded.  (Photo at right -- click to enlarge it.)

I came away thinking of all the people in Las Vegas who never have fresh flowers and how many were discarded without being used. I proposed a plan to ask for these flowers and take them to people in rest homes that would otherwise never get a bouquet of flowers. And that's how Flowers For Seniors was started. 

Flowers in the garage waiting to be arranged.My proposal was accepted and arrangements were made to pick up their excess flowers every week and take them to my garage where a group of 4 or 5 people would make them into bouquets and deliver them to rest homes in the area. We would pick up the flowers, take them to my garage where a group of 4 or 5 people would sort them and make them into arrangements. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Master Gardeners meet a resident in the hallway as they deliver Flowers for Seniors.We scrounged and made containers into vases and made about 60 arrangements each time. Then we would load them into a camper and take them to give to the many surprised, reluctant (some were afraid to accept them because they feared there may be some "strings attached") but all happier recipents. We had made little gift cards to attach explaining the bouquet was a gift from the Master Gardeners, so as we went from room to room, we could leave them even if the person was napping.

After distributing all the arrangements, we would head home weary and exhausted and facing a messy garage to be cleaned, I aways said a silent prayer of thanks that I was one who was able to be the "giver" and not the recipient. While I have served on many committees, i.e. Nursery Liaison Committee, Telephone Tree Committee, etc., this was without a doubt the most rewarding.  Read her comments in full.

The flowers are delivered to the volunteer's garage.   The flowers are gathered and sorted.   The flowers are arranged for individuals.   The flowers are ready to be delivered.

Click on photo to enlarge.