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20th Anniversary Yearbook


  • What project(s) are your currently involved with? What types of things do you do? Why did you choose this project? Why do you keep going back? What makes this project special?

    EVERYONE should be able to contribute to this Life Story since we’re all working on projects! Don’t be shy…share an experience, situation, remembrance. Help create our history.

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Dennis Swartzell

Dennis Swartzell at the UNLV Project  Dennis Swartzell teaches during "Picnic at the Park" training.   Dennis makes a point during "Picnic at the Park" advanced training.

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Your Stories About Dennis

In answering weekly questions about the Master Gardener program, our volunteers included comments about instructors and other personalities in the program.  Below are excerpts from those submissions, along with a link to the original question.

Debra J.

Dennis Swartzell -- this nice, calm Georgia boy had a nice mannerism to him. He was always calm and taught with the ease of a wind. Informative and calm. Easy to listen to. Read her comments in full.


Mary R.

One speaker, Dennis Swartzell, who was then the supervisor of the arboretum at UNLV, had told us during his lecture that UNLV had a hiring freeze in place and as people left, they could not be replaced. He proposed that, if some Master Gardeners would agree to help at the grounds one morning a week, he would, in turn, provide an educational experience for us. And that is how one of our first community projects started, and continued for many years, even after Dennis retired from UNLV to pursue other interests.  Read her comments in full.