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20th Anniversary Yearbook


  • What project(s) are your currently involved with? What types of things do you do? Why did you choose this project? Why do you keep going back? What makes this project special?

    EVERYONE should be able to contribute to this Life Story since we’re all working on projects! Don’t be shy…share an experience, situation, remembrance. Help create our history.

    TAKE A PHOTO next time you meet. Email to Ann so we can document ALL our projects.

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Bob Morris

Bob Morris at the Master Gardener Orchard   Bob Morris at his retirement party in 2011.

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Your Stories About Bob

In answering weekly questions about the Master Gardener program, our volunteers included comments about instructors and other personalities in the program.  Below are excerpts from those submissions, along with a link to the original question.

Jim S.

Bob Morris and Karen Dyka teaching a Master Gardener class.I probably enjoyed some of the irrigation basics I learned from Bob Morris during Turfgrass. I think Mel Hengen helped out. I knew nothing about irrigation, being from a wet climate. 

By the way, is that really Bob Morris in that photo??? (Click on photo to enlarge) He looks like a grad student!! Read his comments in full.