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Memories of family vacations

By Jean


MyraWe were very fortunate to enjoy a close family relationship and often on special occasions, we would go to San Francisco to celebrate. Summer trips to Vancouver, where Dad's family lived, were frequent and evoke special memories.


En route to Vancouver during one trip, we stopped to visit in Seattle with Mom's sister and family. All went well until my cousin blurted out to my Mom that I'd said "Damn," which was followed up by an Ivory soap mouthwash and a terminated friendship!

I have another very clear memory of the hassle that Jack and I created while travelling north. We fought over who crossed over the “imaginary line” formed in the center of our back seat.


I really couldn't blame Dad when he reached back with his straw hat to quell the feud—and then he later wondered why his hat had totally disintegrated!

And then, there was the time that we took the Ferry from Seattle to Victoria, where we were greeted by Dad's old maid aunt, a devout member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. She immediately exclaimed to Dad, "Will, where have you been? I smell liquor on you."




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