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Getting to know baby

By Lena


LenaHarold came home from the Pacific war zone in October 1945. We stayed at my parents’ house because housing for G.I.s and their wives were not very available. Harold would come home from work and read the daily papers.


Pat was 2 years old at that time and pretty shy around Harold and would not let him hold her. One day she was determined to climb the stairs and I repeatedly was going after her and bringing her down, scolding along with that. It didn’t seem to faze her and my mother was getting annoyed about it and said, “Will you please keep her off the stairs? She’ll fall and get hurt.”


Sure enough, she tried it again, so I said to Harold, "Why don’t you go get
her?" So he got up, went to the stairs, brought her down and sat her in a little rocking chair that was hers, put her in front of him and proceeded to continue to read the paper. She sat there sucking her thumb and twirling her hair, and suddenly got up, pushed the paper aside and climbed onto his lap. It was as if she decided, “I guess he belongs to me,” and from then on, she was Daddy’s girl.

Isn’t it amazing that at that age, she would decide that for herself?

We moved in July 1946 into our own home built by a man called Levitt. He built Levittown, Pa., and Levittown, Long Island, N.Y.

We lived in a community called Carle Place, a one-mile square town that once was called Frog Hollow and was a potato field. (Levitt was a godsend for military men.) They were ranch-style and Cape Cod cottage-style houses and at a reasonable price. We lived in Carle Place for 13 years. Then we sold and moved into Hicksville, where we stayed for 20 years before moving to Las Vegas. And here I am, going on 29 years here---

I won’t get started on Las Vegas. I really would like to live in a nice, pleasant, smaller town. I am and have been sorry we ever came here.

No more said about that. I’ll only get annoyed about being here.


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