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My career as a chicken flicker

By Sylvia


SylviaThis is a story about my career as a Chicken Flicker. It was short and sweet.

When I was 6 or 7, I would always accompany my mother whenever she went shopping. This time we went to the butcher shop, and I noticed this woman sitting in the corner flicking chickens. For some reason, this seemed like a fun thing to do. I asked my mother if I could do the flicking and save her the 10 cents to have it done by this woman. Of course she said NO.

For days, I continued to beg her to allow me to flick a chicken the next time she would buy one. This went on for a long time until finally she said, "All right. I will let you do it." I was jumping for joy.

The day arrived, the chicken was purchased, my mother took me out to the backyard, put an apron on me, placed newspaper all round me and sat me on the bench and said, "Have fun."

Well it seems after 10 minutes, this was not such a glorious job, and I was ready to quit. However, that was not my mother’s intention. She insisted I finish the task.

I did complete what I started, but it took me some time to finish and then to clean up. I finally then decided it was best to pay the woman the 10 cents.

My career was over as a chicken flicker.


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