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My Journey: God Held Me Up

By Mary


MaryFrom what I understand, I was illegitimate. My mother and her family were very well known and wealthy. My father was from Scotland and came from a family of 15 alcoholics. I grew up in Chicago.

I was a child of the village. The neighbors rescued me from my father’s drunken rages. He would wake me up to beat me, chased me always with a butcher knife. I had rheumatic fever and didn’t walk for two years when I was 9. I only went to the eighth grade and took four GED classes. I was a sitting duck for abuse.

At age 11, my mom told me to run, my father’s coming home. I was kidnapped by five men and held for three days, assaulted and threatened with death. At 16, my father threw me out in a blizzard. I was kidnapped by the Mafia and put into white slavery. They threatened to kill my baby brother if I left. And my mother said I couldn’t come home because my father was there.

My mother was an ex-nun and taught English. My father was Freddy Krueger, my name for him. I am not prejudice. Blacks and Mexicans used to try to save me from my father. One of my best friends was as gay as he could be. He was so helpful and kind to me.

However, my past does not have to dictate my future.

There is a God!

I always worked—waitress, sales, cleaning, etc. Animals were always important in my life. I had a baby brother Dan, a younger brother George and a dear sister Marge, four years younger than me. I recently lost my sister to cancer. George died at 33. Dan the baby is a very successful psychologist. We were all abused and eventually one way or another had to leave the family home, if you can call it that.

I was estranged from my brother Dan and sister Marge for at least 25 years. God put us back together. That and the son I adopted are the best things in my life and reason to live.

My son Rob is very smart, very loving and I have a beautiful daughter-in-law who is an accountant, works hard and gave me two beautiful grandsons.

I cleaned the church, etc., and raised my son in a Christian Academy. When I think of all God has done for me and the family he restored and the family he gave me, I get butterflies.

I have a wonderful life now—I don’t take medication. I have a wonderful church. I sleep well. I walk a lot. I don’t drink, smoke or do any kind of drugs. I have wonderful friends.

My baby brother and I are close. My sister is in Heaven.

My baby brother and I survived to grow old together. Dan is a professional bicyclist and breaks records in his age group. I am so proud of him and my son. They excelled against all odds.

And I’m glad to share to give others hope. I love where I live and the manager and staff are wonderful.

I have a poodle named Precious, bird and fish and a cat I rescued.

I am Blessed.


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