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My Journey to My Savior

By Marian 


MarianWhen I was 18 years old, I got married and my husband and I didn’t attend any church. We would go to an Easter Sunrise Service at an outdoor church and then go for breakfast and then sometimes go to a Christmas Service at a Methodist Church with his mother and sister.

As the years went on, we had six children and three of our babies died. Those years were very difficult; I really didn’t have any place to go for comfort during those hard times. I tried to reach back to my Mormon teachings and/or Catholic teachings, but I didn’t get any comfort. My husband had difficulty showing his emotions, so consequently, he didn’t want me to either.

He would tell me that crying would not bring them back. I believe that at this time in my life, I began my search, asking, What is life all about? I always had a strong personality and tended to look at the positive. Many friends would ask me how I continued to smile, laugh and see the bright side of life. I believe now that God always had His hand on me.

When my husband and I were married about 14 years, we separated. At that
time, my husband accepted Jesus as his Savior. I continued on with my life, but during the time that we were separated, our oldest daughter at 11 years old began smoking marijuana. I knew that I could not hold my family together alone, so at my husband's request, we went to counseling and were able to reconcile our marriage.

I had a difficult time listening to my husband tell me about Jesus. We were too close, and I knew him too well, I thought. It was Easter and we were watching "The Greatest Story Ever Told" on TV. It was about Jesus and his crucifixion. I had seen this movie many times, but this was the first time I was so moved by it.

I thought of my friend Marcia. Marcia and I had met at work at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. She was so nice. She would visit with me and tell me about Jesus. I would listen and thought to myself how nice she was. I never really took anything she said to heart. She would pin beautiful pictures at my workspace with pretty sayings under them. I never knew they were Scriptures from the Bible.

I phoned her and asked if she could come to my house and tell me about the Holy Spirit. We arranged a time to meet and I also phoned three other friends and invited them to come over as well.

Marcia arrived, and we were sitting on the sofa in my living room. Marcia began telling us about salvation. As she continued talking, I had a real understanding that I was a sinner and that I was in need of a savior. She asked
if we would like to accept Jesus as our Savior. Three of us responded. One didn’t. It was a wonderful day. We got a New Testament Bible that day and we set up another day for Marcia and her husband to come back and teach us more. I read my entire New Testament Bible that week. We continued meeting and adding people to come and hear about Jesus for about three months before we ever went to church.

My life changed, and I have never looked back. I was Born Again. … I am thankful for all of the experiences I have had on my journey to Salvation.


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