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Two single girls headed to L.A.

By Kandi


KandiIt was February 1983 when Carol and I set off to drive from Jackson, Miss., to Los Angeles. We were in her little car and planned to drive via the southern freeway with two planned stops in the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas on the way. We budgeted carefully for gas and put cash in an envelope.

If you know anything about weather in the Deep South, it is often unpredictable. We wore summer-ish clothes until we literally drove into a snowstorm in the Texas panhandle. The Highway Patrol immediately sent everybody off the freeway into this little town, and the town’s businesses got busy and much richer for the two days we had to stay there. It was a good thing we had credit cards.

Once we arrived in L.A., Carol and I roomed together, and we were close buddies for several years. She eventually met and married a guy named Russ. Carol is now in Oregon or Washington, has two kids and is divorced.

L.A. was the first real city I’d spent time in, and I loved it, except one event that almost sent me back to the South.

Carol and I went to a bank soon after our arrival and deposited our certified Mississippi bank checks. After the account was opened, we were told our account was frozen for several days until the checks cleared. So we either worked very soon or lived off our credit cards.

I want you to know we got a temp job within two days and, till our checking funds were available, we used one other "new" business—the check-cashing store on our corner in Hollywood.

My other roommate in L.A. was an aspiring actress, Ann, originally from Idaho. She eventually married an aspiring director. Ann was in the movie, "We Got It Made," starring Ally Sheedy (made while we were roommates). She played a valet girl (limo driver), which incidentally is where she worked. Her boyfriend directed a Robert Redford movie and two or three "Love Boat" shows. But he was not doing as well when I knew him.


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