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Thanksgiving and the turkey leg

By LeRoy


LeRoyThis year, we went to my Dad’s sister’s house for Thanksgiving. Aunt Marie lived in Stockton, Calif., but anyway her and Uncle Art were happy that we came. None of the family lived close to them, so most of the time, when we saw them, they came to L.A. and stayed with Uncle Vane or Uncle Cornell. And we would have to get together while they were there. But this time we went to be with them, and they were real happy.


Now Uncle Art got the biggest turkey he could find. I think it was 28 pounds. And Aunt Marie put it on to cook at 12 at night for the next day. When we got up, the house was already smelling like Thanksgiving. They had three kids, Gene, Helen and Glen. So I had someone to play with. And Uncle Art had a big garden. Most of the greens for the table came from his garden, and I got to help him get some of it ready. That was fun, too.


The meal was ready and Uncle Art was carving the turkey. I said, “Uncle Art, can I have one of the legs?” My mom said, “No, Roy, you can’t eat all that.” Uncle Art winked at me and then said, “This is my house. If Roy wants the leg, he can have the leg. Oh, but Roy, if you don’t eat it all, you can finish it at the next meal. OK?” I said, “Yes. And thank you, Uncle Art.”


Oh, we had a good Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey, candied yams, mashed potatoes, green beans from Uncle Art’s garden and peas too from there, salad and Jellos, pies and cakes. Yeah, all this and I probably took the skin off my leg and about five bites of it.


The next morning they had ham and eggs for breakfast. Uncle Art said to me, “Roy, do you want eggs with your turkey leg?” “Yes, please,” I said. For lunch, everyone was making sandwiches. Uncle Art said with a smile, “Roy, you want tomato and lettuce with your leg?” “Yes,” I said. By this time, I was able to finish the leg. But I think my Uncle Art and my mom were having more fun than they let on. I think the wink was really for my mom.


From that time on, Uncle Art and I were tight. And I never asked for more than I could eat again.



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