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Recess and other important stuff

By LeRoy


LeRoyFor me the best time in school was recess. We would all get out at the same time and the boys would choose sides, 8th grade down to 1st. And remember them rubber bands from the inner tubes? Well, whoever had them would put them all together and divide them equally. Most often we all had about 10. Then we would line up like and start shooting them one team to the other. If you were hit, you had to drop out. If you were hit close, they stung a little, but that was all part of the game.

Other games we played were marbles. There was Chase. You had two players and one would run by shooting his marble out and the other would try to hit the first player’s marble. If you hit the other player’s marble, you got to keep it. Then there was Pot. You would put 5 marbles each in a circle that you made in the sand. And one player would shoot from the outside of the circle to try to hit one of the marbles in the circle. If you hit a marble out of the circle, you got to keep it, and if the marble that you shot with your shooter (sometimes 1/2 again bigger than the other marbles) stayed in the circle, you could shoot to get other marbles. If your shooter went out or you didn’t hit another marble out, you had to let another player shoot. This would go on until all the marbles were out of the pot.

Another game was Holes. You would make 4 holes in the ground about 5 feet apart in a square and about 40 feet away you would make another hole. This hole was poison. So you would go around the 4 holes shooting your marble to try to get it in the holes and every time you got all the way around the 4 holes, the next time you got to take a hand span closer to the holes. The next time around, you got to take 2 hand spans and so on for up to 4 times around. Then you would shoot for poison. When your marble was poison, you would shoot back and try to hit another player’s marble. If so, you got to keep it and when there was only one player left, he was the winner.

We had a good swing set. It was 20 feet high and 6 swings with a slide. The ladder for the slide went to the top of the set and the slide ladder had handrails on it and over the top bar. The slide was about 30 feet long.

We also had a merry-go-round, but I couldn’t ride it. But a lot of kids would. The girls would sit on it and the boys would push it, but anything going in circles made me sick. Sometimes even watching it made me feel woozy. I didn’t know how to tie my shoes, so if they came untied, I would get Neil to tie them for me.


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