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The first neighborhood TV

By Lorraine 


LorraineThe Maestases were the first family in the neighborhood to have a TV. It was so exciting. Their children were older than me and one son was younger.

All the kids would go to their house to watch a new source of entertainment.

We’d all sit on the floor and were totally engrossed on the new media. As soon as school was out, we’d all head to the Maestases', who lived about eight houses down from our house. My parents told us we'd have to head for home when Mr. Maestas got home from work. It was so hard to pull ourselves away, but we managed.

About six months later, my parents got our own TV, so we didn’t have to go to the neighbors any longer.

My favorite program was "Boston Blackie" starring Clark Gable and "I Love Lucy." Also I remember the famous test pattern.

I’m sure not to many young people would know how amazing it was to have entertainment right in your home for the first time.

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